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  NOTE:   Important H/O changes:  See HERE  Although first incorporated in the USA in 2001, our Board resolved to establish
When we founded Global Flying Hospitals over twenty years ago (in 2001) we thought everyone would fall in love with
Our world is undergoing vast and rapid change. Population levels have reached 7 Billion. Every 12 years adds a further
Global Flying Hospitals is acquiring specialized aircraft!  The core is the Russian built ILyushin 76, capable of operating from unpaved
  The Ultimate Solution Global Flying Hospitals aims to introduce a new paradigm of medical training to advance the developing
(Domes under License from InterShelter) You've seen the pictures and heard the stories.  Either an earthquake, Tsunami, refugees fleeing war
Here's one of our aerospace team who makes things happen. Bob Maddern is our Chief Engineer, a Board Director and
Here are two reasons why your firm will profit from sponsoring Global Flying Hospitals   1:  Your firm will break
  This is your invitation to become CREW! Our world has passengers … and crew!  Those who go along for
GFH’s Mobile Clinics and Hospitals Mobile surgical clinics are not new.  They’ve been pioneered by Armed Forces for many decades.  What is
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