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The Impossible is Possible

Today, our world is decidedly different to when I founded Global Flying Hospitals.  Everything has changed!  We experience wars, natural disasters, global warming and unrest on every corner.  And who knows where it will end?

Do you have any idea what our world will be like in 2050? With global warming alone, water will become a major issue as the snow and ice catchment of the Himalayas melts.  Multiple millions will be affected.  They will suffer drought and crop failure at an unprecedented level.

We believe that developing countries can learn to stand on their own feet with healthcare.  GFH’s vision is to provide the resources and training they need to do this.  We are aligning with other charities to strengthen this resolve – and make it happen with a unique and profound “synergy” of strength.

This is our planet.  We only have one.  It is up to each person to make the difference and make the changes.

Many say it cannot be done, the problems are too large and the money too great. But we are witnessing a paradigm shift with multiple organizations and high profile individuals who are committing significant funds, which are earmarked to benefit humanity.

Your participation and support of our humanitarian endeavors will assist us in making this grand vision a reality for the two billion people in the world that are in need and waiting for us to arrive.

So, I personally invite you to join Global Flying Hospitals in whatever capacity that you can offer. This may be as a volunteer, a fund-raiser, an organizer adding your expertize or your business acumen. I’ll be delighted to welcome you on board personally. Contact us at:

Neill Newton, Chairman