Medical Advisory Board


Global Flying Hospitals Medical Board Chair

Dr. William Tan, MBBS, PhD, MOH, MSc, MPhil (Hons), MHlthSc, ScM (Hons), MHSc, BSc, MRSNZ, PBM; Scientist and Medical Doctor, Olympic Wheelchair Athlete, Ultra Marathon Fundraiser, World Records' Holder

At the age of two Dr. William Tan was paralyzed from the waist down with Polio, but overcame this adversity. This NUS Alumnus majored in Biology and Psychology to pursue his dream to become a scientist and medical doctor. Holder of the First Class Honours in Physiology, this Harvard University Fullbright Scholar and Oxford University's Raffles Scholar also trained at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in the USA.

He is an international wheelchair marathon champion, competing in the 1988 Seoul Paralympics, the Commonwealth Games, the Asia-Pacific Games, the London and Boston Marathons.

He realized that, "winning trophies or prize money should not be the aim, but a means to help people." He's devoted to charity fundraising. His ultra marathons include pushes across the length of New Zealand, Singapore to Penang, Thailand to Singapore, Boston to New York to Washington DC, raising over $16 million.

He was awarded Outstanding Young Person of the World (Humanitarian/Voluntary Leadership) from the Junior Chamber International, USA; the Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Youth Work and the ASEAN Youth Award in 2000.

In 2003, he received the Reader's Digest Inspiring Asian Award that "recognizes deserving individuals who must be able to demonstrate that they have made a difference, or are making a difference and are encouraging others to do so".

In 2007, Dr. Tan became the first person to undertake a wheelchair marathon race in Antarctica, the Arctic and 17 countries combined.


Dr. Kelvin Wong

Dr. Wong graduated at Jinan University, Guangzhou China; then returned to his home city of Hong Kong in 2011 after passing the challenging Licentiate Examination (pass rates of less than 15% of all candidates worldwide).

He is currently in internship training (Internal Medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics), and is the winner of the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship.  

He is also the winner of the National Scholarship of the People's Republic of China, being the top student award in China.

He is the discoverer of "The first special case of Silver-Russell syndrome with linea alba hernia in China” and published in the Singapore Medical Journal in 2010.  Simultaneously while a team member of the Renal Transplant research team in Jinan University, he represented the school to attend The Congress of Chinese Society of Transplantation in Shanghai 2008.

Dr. Wong is the Vice Chief Editor of the Jinan College Magazine, and Ex-Committee Member of the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association. He was also selected and completed leadership training at the highly prestigious Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Global Flying Hospitals is proud to have Dr. Wong on the Medical Advisory Board and look forward to his involvement … and his expertise as he builds his medical career.