Breaking News – 2024


NOTE:   Important H/O changes:  See HERE 

Although first incorporated in the USA in 2001, our Board resolved to establish the Head Office to Macau SAR in 2009, due to a welcoming government, proximity to many developing countries and embracing by superb corporate sponsors, such as Sofitel Luxury Hotels, Venetian and MGM Casinos … and more.

The Current Re-invention

  1. From that time on and with the bird’s-eye view of the new geography, yet built on our original business model, we determined that the organisation would be far better served by making some serious changes.  We opted to change the focus on acquiring a wide-bodied jet for refurbishment into a flying hospital, which became painfully clear that is was simply unsuitable for access into remote or unprepared runways, let alone the mammoth task of recruitment of volunteer medical professionals, visas, accommodation and more.
  2. Our Board is peopled by Aerospace members, who along with many other aviation professionals, helped us identify and choose tough cargo jets, built for alternate landing zones and ferrying mobile clinics and equipment.
  3. We opted to develop a more suited – and most needed model of supplying Mobile Medical Clinics (outfitted for various specialisms as dental, ophthalmology, surgical, women’s health etc), plus emergency shelters, sanitation, water purification and other humanitarian products.  Thence supply these to medical professionals, governments, medical charities and others in developing countries.
  4. By 2015-2016, this new above plan was coming into fruition – and even though we were still conducting medical missions sending volunteers via commercial carriers while pursuing the “new” way … our fundraising revenue was simply not able to support the higher demands of both aircraft … and manufacturing.   Also, being based in one center taught us to think larger and act wider!
  5. Then came the “lockdowns” from Covid.  Macau was most brutal, keeping people locked in their homes, massive staff expulsion from the region forced the hotels, casinos and businesses to come to a roaring halt … as did GFH funding from our sponsors and donors!  Tough times hit GFH!
  6. During this lockdown time we resolved on a total re-invention, not simply fine-tuning or changing aircraft models.  In this new world of ours, it’s no longer prudent to have all-the-eggs-in-one-basket, due to future potential lockdowns, new government restrictions and red tape, fundraising challenges, staff recruitment and even global marketing.
  7. 2024 will see a total move of the Head Office from Macau to Singapore, being a strong and world-class city state.  All administration, funds depository and disbursement, world marketing, publication center for the GFH glossy magazine (The Humanitarian), IT, social media along with all back-office work will be based there.  We are focused on building GFH into a highly-professional organisation that is world-renowned for providing the new model of medical care for those in need.
  8. 2024 will also see the Manufacturing Plant (for the 21st Century mobile clinics and products) and Operations Hub for aircraft operations, established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  This is now the fastest growing SE Asian country, with a new forward-thinking government, it’s forward thrust into a FinTech country and massive investment from Japan, Malaysia and China.  It is even far better geographically placed than Macau ever was, to service developing countries.
  9. We’ve incorporated a Cairns Australia hub to service Sth. Pacific island countries, Papua New Guinea and other surrounding countries in need.
  10. We re-established GFH USA with a base in Mobile Alabama to service the Caribbean and Sth. American countries.
  11. And we are in talks with Rwanda Africa, as a gateway hub, which is also a now fast-growing country that is re-building to be the Singapore of Africa.

Global Flying Hospitals – wider, more global, stronger based and with a clear vision to reach and help many people in need in multiple developing countries!