The Logistics Resource

GFH is gearing towards being the world’s logistic resource for humanitarian medical resources.  The vision focuses on aiding and undergirding humanitarian medical charities in developing countries … and utilizing cargo jets to ferry clinics and supplies.

As GFH expands, this will become the resource for those charities, governments of developing countries, the World Health Organization and various medical groups, to greatly expand their effectiveness. Through alliance contracts, they are supplied with the equipment and resources to allow life-changing surgical and preventive medical treatment.  Emergency shelters for natural disasters will add even greater resources for those in need.

GFH is an international humanitarian charity.  It is registered in the USA, Australia and Macau SAR. It was first founded and incorporated in the USA as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2001. With the establishment of Global Flying Hospitals (Macau) Association (2009) the Board is developing the organisation in Asia as the Global Head Office.  Two other bases, to be announced, should be finalised in 2022.  This multi-branch combination allows for the reaching of many of the world’s developing countries in need!

The Two-fold Focus

Global Flying Hospitals’ focus is two-fold.

  1. Operate from the Head Office in Asia as the geographical bull’s-eye, in overseeing all aircraft acquisitions, servicing, operations and administration.
  2. Development of a GFH Manufacturing Hub  in becoming the leader in manufacturing of modular emergency shelters, futuristic mobile surgical and medical clinics, sanitation, solar and water purification systems.