Training Healthcare Workers


The Ultimate Solution

Global Flying Hospitals aims to introduce a new paradigm of medical training to advance the developing world.


Eradication the Band-Aid Mentality

For over 70 plus years, medical missions to any of the 100 plus developing countries have mostly been a band-aid approach.  One and two-week missions have been the norm.  More in-depth and regular clinics have been provided by a number of great charities and agencies.  Yet, even after decades, there are two billion of our planet’s inhabitants in dire need of medical care and 25,000 children die each day because of a lack of care.

The band-aid and piecemeal approach must end! 


The GFH Training Model (2013-2018)

GFH has in its next 5-year plan, (2013 – 2018) to introduce a new training model for healthcare workers in developing countries.  This is the long-term solution to lift countries to modern medical care levels.  Partnering with renowned medical colleges and undergirded with sophisticated medical equipment … GFH is endeavoring to introducing a Tour-de-Force of medical training to advance developing countries. 

The combined coalition aims to provide total healthcare solutions to suffering people by training medical professionals in modern medical procedures.  This means self-sufficiency, sustainability and total coverage.  Finally, developing countries can learn to stand on their own feet!


Designed to Train

The design layouts on aircraft are being designed to provide both viewing, hands-on and class-room teaching, along with video recording, tele-medicine and other advanced training systems, in order to build proficiency for recipients… and the most advanced opportunities for patients.


Modern Medicine and Training @ Village Level

GFH cargo aircraft have been optioned in order to access unprepared and small airstrips, thereby reaching villages and small towns.  They’ll ferry specialized clinics that roll-off, are demountable or modular, which in turn provide the platforms for teaching and training, although to a lesser degree than the Boeings. 

GFH is designing dental, birthing, ophthalmology and general medicine clinics, to incorporate the most advanced equipment that can be transported and quickly assembled on-site.  New, modular systems are in experimentation that will revolutionize the unsatisfactory field medical clinic scenario … so that a suffering child in a far distant village or small town can have immediate access to the most modern facilities available.


High-end Digital Training

GFH is to wire aircraft with the most advanced transmitting and receiving equipment to fortify its Tele-Medicine training applications under development.  Partner medical colleges and land based teaching hospitals have been aligned to provide recipients with the most current surgical and medical procedures.

The GFH E-Learning Medical Portal is also under development and will become a vital part, as this online training site is to present instruction via video, audio, written, 3-D models and other input, direct from GFH’s leading partner medical colleges.

Global Flying Hospitals has planned to bring advanced medical training, comprehensive healthcare and resources to an ailing world on an unprecedented scale, to end the band-aid mission thinking approach.  The UN Millennium Goals and the World Health Organisation (WHO) seek to lift developing countries into a new balanced world. 

GFH has designed 5-year plans to help make this a reality for training and medical sustainability. 

No more band-aid and piecemeal thinking.  Join GFH now in building a new world of care!