Modular Clinics

GFH’s Mobile Clinics and Hospitals

Mobile surgical clinics are not new.  They’ve been pioneered by Armed Forces for many decades.  What is new are the systems, material and contents.

Global Flying Hospitals is now working to establish its own plant (GFH Manufacturing) to design, test and manufacture its own specialized clinics.  There are many fine manufacturers which utilize shipping containers, or other type of structures.  Yet, GFH having its own plant, within 30 minutes of the Macau Head Office hub and airport, allows for quick turnaround, loading and ferrying. It also allows for in-depth testing, modification and trialing that is not possible with outside vendors.

We are currently exploring various “aircraft-friendly” light-weight, yet strong material for walls, floors and roofs, with interiors of bacteria resistant coating to aid in sterile conditions, insulated and robust.  These units allow for quick “expansion” of the footprint once offloaded from aircraft and even able to be coupled together in multiples to create small hospitals, wards, rest areas and more.  Environmental factors as heat, dust, rain, cold and security are challenges for the GFH clinic – and we are pioneering exciting new models for the future.  

Hospitals and Clinics in Aircraft

The GFH model marries heavy and large cargo aircraft to the mobile clinic. A 5,280 ft runway measures only one mile, but this runway allows a hospital or clinics to be flown worldwide, and positioned in a remote town, village or disaster zone. Fast and efficiently!

GFH’s aircraft from 2020 and beyond are ILyushin 76 cargo jets, that can fly high and fast and then land in unprepared runways.  They have their own winches that allows loading and offloading – and full systems that allows operations in remote areas without assistance. Smaller support aircraft are now under consideration.

Fully Operational

Interiors are fitted with modern, high-tech, surgical and medical equipment.  These are sterile, fully operational, highly efficient and created to the highest medical and hospital standards.  

Clinics are manufactured to address medical specialisms as Orthopedic, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Surgical etc.  Some units in planning are fitted for tele-medicine conferencing and connection via satellite up-link to medical colleges and hospitals.  This is to give humanitarian medical charities in alliance with GFH, government agencies and other organisations advanced medical facilities and resources in-the-field, to help care for suffering people in developing countries worldwide.

Self-sustaining, compact, efficient, cutting-edge and world-class.
This describes the GFH Mobile Hospitals and Clinics.