Emergency Shelters & Clinics

(Domes under License from InterShelter)

You’ve seen the pictures and heard the stories.  Either an earthquake, Tsunami, refugees fleeing war torn regions … people sheltering with sub-standard tents, under tarpaulins or plastic.  These all deteriorate in the heat, wind, rain, dust or cold.  Now there is a far superior choice: the revolutionary DOME. 

Global Flying Hospitals believes that to reduce disease, infections, injury and increase health of people in dire need, a strong, secure and safe shelter is needed.  The Dome is GFH’s solution.

This is a modular, quick-build, composite shelter that resists all the elements.  It has four windows with a lockable door.  People can now live in security and safeguard their belongings.  The Domes are also used for field medical clinics, transitional shelters and for all areas where a safe, strong solution is needed fast!

GFH Manufacturing Plant

As witnessed by the number of natural disasters in the last two decades, such as the Asian tsunami, China’s earthquake, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Haiti’s earthquake and Pakistan’s monsoon …. and in 2020 – the global Corona virus pandemic, along with the crucial medical needs in developing countries worldwide, there exists an immense need for ready-made, rapid deployment products for shelter, medical facilities, water purification, power and sanitation. This is well beyond today’s short-term solution of tents, tarpaulins and bottles of water being dropped by helicopters.

GFH has an exciting vision in the next 5-year plan (2020-2025), for the development of an innovative humanitarian manufacturing hub that produces and distributes a range of products destined for developing countries. This 100,000 sq ft facility on 4+ acres – with direct access to the loading bays on our cargo jet aircraft –  is being created to add depth and breadth to GFH’s supply chain … and thereby creating a first of its kind; the GFH Humanitarian Hub. 

Among the products to be available from the Hub are:

  • Modular, pre-fabricated, dome emergency housing;
  • Mobile medical clinics – 21st Century design, lightweight and strong for distribution by our cargo jets.
  • Isolation wards for disease control and pandemic suppression
  • Water purification systems;
  • Solar-power water heating;
  • Solar-power generation for light and recharging battery storage;
  • First-aid and health emergency kits;
  • Sanitation systems for hygienic water disposal.