Making it Happen

Here’s one of our aerospace team who makes things happen.

Bob Maddern is our Chief Engineer, a Board Director and an integral part of Global Flying Hospitals, as he overseers the maintenance, servicing and safety of our aircraft.

He also works at Board level with other aviation specialists in sourcing aircraft and in steering the organisation forward.

Bob served in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) with 3 ½ years on Mirage fighter jets followed by 7 years on Hercules cargo aircraft.

Civilian life

After discharge he spent some 10 years recovering stored C-130’s and returning them to service.  He also trained non-Hercules mechanics. Bob assisted in writing an FAA approved inspection program, owning the copyright, along with an aircraft recovery inspection handbook.

He has flown as Flight Mechanic for an oil spill spraying operation in Mississippi and Crew Chief for a fire fighting operation in Australia.

Tanks of the sky

Bob has vast ILyushin 76 cargo jet expertise and is instrumental in the aircraft choice.  He says they are the “tanks of the sky” that are very robust and the perfect choice for Global Flying Hospitals for now… and long into the future!


GFH has selected and re-purposed ILyushin aircraft, originally built for the military – as he himself was former military – and now re-purposed for a rewarding career in bringing help to suffering people in need.

Bob is also an avid aviation photographer.

He states: 

“GFH is doing what has not been done before and helping those in need one day at a time. Part of my aim is to make GFH the premier humanitarian organization and one that others turn to in their times of need. The Amazon of the humanitarian world”.

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