GFH’s Medical Aircraft

Global Flying Hospitals is acquiring specialized aircraft!  The core is the Russian built ILyushin 76, capable of operating from unpaved runways, transporting heavy loads, fly at speed for app. 3,000 nautical miles, land and off-load mobile clinics, emergency shelters, isolation wards and other products with inbuilt winches and roller floors. 

These aircraft are the the back-bone of our roll-on, roll-off, high-tech surgical clinics and hospitals, manufactured to fit the internal dimensions of the aircraft, yet expandable when off-loaded. 

They are manufactured with lightweight, strong composite materials, with their own solar power, generators, gases, water filtration and sterile systems. 

These mobile clinics are designed for specialties as Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Surgical, Women’s Health etc., and each being fully self-contained. Isolation wards are for pandemics and GFH is manufacturing and warehousing such for future emergencies.

 This fleet-building is the emerging resource to greatly expand global medical care in developing countries.

When natural disasters strike, GFH is mission-ready, and able to land aircraft at the closest airport to the disaster, or in unprepared landing zones (ULZ’s) as in the case with the rugged and versatile ILyushin.

What GFH Does:

  • GFH focuses on providing clinics to various alliance medical charities, plus governments of developing countries, hospitals, medical centers, corporate sponsors desiring to make a difference and others wanting to help transform lives.
  • GFH also provides a no-charge service of ferrying medical professionals to those regions not serviced by commercial airlines.  Hard-to-get-to places that will bring the Medical Professional to the GFH Mobile Clinic
  • In other words, we do not simply drop off a clinic … if the receiving charity or party in a developing country also requires their volunteers to come to the region in need and have no way of getting there eg; no commercial airlines … we will send our transporter to come and fetch them, deliver them right to where our clinics have been placed!

The World’s Logistics Resource

GFH is building this fleet of specialized aircraft, because developing countries need the tools, infrastructure and equipment. Many humanitarian medical charities have large data-bases of volunteer medical professionals, yet at the village, town or regional level, the medical facilities or equipment is often poor or even none existent. With GFH resources, they can plan better, enlarge their missions and generate greater coverage of medical provision to people on a larger scale.

2ist Century transportable Clinics and Hospitals

The nucleus of GFH’s humanitarian medical model is its “transportable” hospitals and clinics, comprising high-tech surgical suites, advanced medical equipment and facilities. These are designed to be transported within the cargo aircraft, and are off-loadable. The sides expand with the push of a button, with both sides expanding outwards. And each hospital or clinic is designed for specific medical specialisms.

Natural Disasters

Modular emergency shelters are also designed for transport, in large numbers of to enable support for natural disasters and fast housing. They  come dismantled, in order to save space … and then assembled on-site within two hours.  Windows and lockable doors, insulated and secure … they make for a very secure and protected housing environment for up to 10+ people. 

See the transportable clinics and hospitals here.