Win the new Lamborghini Aventador


What has one of the world's most expensive luxury super-cars have to do with this humanitarian medical charity?  Plenty!

Here's your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to support GFH and the new paradigm vision of providing medical care to suffering people in developing countries…. while having a chance to win and enjoy the most exhilarating car on the planet.

Global Flying Hospitals is undertaking initiatives to obtain government authorization and permits, plus arrange logistics, in order to offer this car in the GFH Grand Automobile Raffle. This Lamborghini prize-winning ticket will be drawn within 3 business days of the last ticket sold.  Proceeds from the raffle will be used in GFH's vision of building the world's medical aviation fleet.

Once launched, tickets will become available at selected offices in Macau, at other GFH Centers and online.  GFH will also arrange delivery of your Lamborghini to any major city worldwide.

Only 48,888 tickets at $50 USD (388 HKD) each.

Buy one (1) ticket for your chance to win; or buy five (5) tickets for the "book-buyers prize". 

Book-buyer's prize means that If you win the Lamborghini from a ticket within that book … you also receive a Round-the-World trip for two, staying at Sofitel Luxury Hotels 

5 consecutive winners will receive two nights accommodation at any of the Sofitel Luxury Hotels in Asia.

3 consecutive winners will receive the Apple iPad.

GFH will soon announce when the raffle starts and tickets are available.  Make sure you are one of the very first to know by sending a quick email with your name, address and email address, to:

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