Modular Hospitals

GFH’s Mobile Hospitals and Clinics

Mobile surgical hospitals are not new.  They’ve been pioneered by Armed Forces for many decades.  What is new are the systems and contents.

Global Flying Hospitals is working closely with specialized manufacturers, such as Odulair, who normally build hospitals for road transport usage.  However, to reach developing countries these ‘road’ hospitals require overseas shipping, and then to be based permanently. They are then often required to travel on poorly built roads.  This tractor-trailer system, combined with shipping, is a tedious and costly endeavor, especially in emergencies and natural disasters.

Hospitals and Clinics in Aircraft

The GFH model marries the heavy cargo aircraft to the mobile hospital. A 5,280 ft runway measures only one mile, but this runway allows a hospital to be flown worldwide, and to be positioned in a remote town, village or disaster zone. Fast and efficiently!

Hospitals are constructed in light-weight, yet very strong material.  Interior walls feature bacteria resistant coating.  Once off-loaded on GFH’s special “Dolly-System”, at the push of the button the sides expand and the rear telescopes to provide a large ground footprint.

Fully Certified

The interiors are fitted with modern, high-tech, surgical and medical equipment.  These hospitals are sterile, fully operational, highly efficient and certified to the highest Medical Certification standards.  

And each is built specifically to address medical specialisms as Orthopedic, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Dialysis, Dentistry etc.  Even training; utlizing medical simulators, is addressed, so that healthcare workers in developing countries can be trained in modern medical procedures.

Add Tele-medicine and connection via satellite up-link to medical colleges and hospitals, means a 21st Century system is in place to provide advanced medical care to suffering people in developing countries worldwide.

See Odulair’s Mobile Hospital Partnership Alliance here.

Self-sustaining, compact, efficient, cutting-edge and world-class.
This describes the GFH Mobile Hospitals and Clinics.