Legal Macau Lawyers Alliance


Legal Macau Lawyers Alliance

Legal Macau Lawyers is the law firm representing Global Flying Hospitals.  In 2009, this leading firm offered to work in alliance on a Pro-Bono basis, as the Principals identified with the vision of GFH and understood how this vision would add to the diversification of Macau, while providing medical care to those suffering in developing countries.

Since that time, the firm have gone beyond the call-of-duty, in providing their law services, but have acted in negotiator roles with corporate sponsors through to representation roles for GFH.

Global Flying Hospitals is indebted to this leading firm in Macau SAR.


Jorge Menezes

Law Attorney and Legal Advisor for Global Flying Hospitals Macau

Mr. Menezes is a founding partner of Legal Macau Law, a Private Notary in Macau and qualified as a legal attorney in Portugal. He has been a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of the Cambridge European Society.  In 1991 at the Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon, Jorge obtained his internship certificate from the Portuguese Law Society in 1993, and completed his Master degree at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, in 2000.

Jorge lectured several subjects, such as Civil Procedure, Introduction to Theory of Law, Law of Obligations, Conflict of Laws, Criminology and Tax Procedure at Faculties of Law of Portuguese Universities, at the Portuguese Law Society and at the Guinea-Bissau Faculty of Law, West Africa. In England he taught Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law at the University of Oxford and Stanford University (Program in Oxford).

He was a legal researcher at the Legislative Affairs Office of the Macau Government and co-authored the ‘First Report on the application in Macau of UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights’ submitted to the UN Human Rights Committee. He started practicing as an attorney in Macau in 1998.