China AIDS Program

AIDS and HIV are very serious conditions, and very difficult to treat … yet this area of human suffering needs to be addressed immediately.

In China, people affected by HIV (which leads to AIDS) have been estimated at between 430,000 and 1.5 million. Many researchers are stating that this could be China’s “timebomb” and could soon explode to 10 million plus. Read more.

The GFH China AIDS Program

Global Flying Hospitals, being based in Macau, is aware of this urgency.  And the Board has initiated the China AIDS Program. In 2013, the first of a number of medical missions will be undertaken to investigate where this charity can be most useful.  GFH will arrange to send medical professionals with expertise in this area to regions most affected.  And we will search and petition the world’s drug manufacturers for the most affective treatments for patients. 

GFH will seek support from these manufacturers, as being a charity we must provide the medical services freely, including the drugs, which are highly expensive and prohibitive.


AIDS Education

GFH will endeavor to provide AIDS education in schools and universities, with free talks, presentations and instructions, of how young people can guard themselves from this terrible virus.


World Health Organization

GFH will be informing the WHO of this program, and seek their support in providing the education, medical professionals and the latest research.  Together, with the Health Departments of various Provinces, we expect to make a difference in this alarming rise in HIV/AIDS in China.


Festival Launch

As the Partner Charity at the Macau China International Digital Cinema Festival in November 2013, Global Flying Hospitals will officially announce and launch the China AIDS Program.  Although medical missions will have been completed and video documentaries produced, these will be presented.  A number of A Level Hollywood actors who support AIDS care will also add weight to the initiative.


Global Flying Hospitals invites you to share and support this program, as we add it to the vision of medical care for suffering people worldwide, and medical training to healthcare workers in those countries. Contact us at: