Chief Operations Officer (COO)


Adam Newton

Adam is an Australian. He is an accomplished helicopter pilot, holding a United States FAA license, with a large part of his flight experience in pipeline inspection and aerial photography throughout the Delta in the states of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. He has served in the Royal Australian Navy.

GFH is focused on building a medical aviation fleet, into the world's Logistics Resource. And that entails refurbishing of individual aircraft to create that fleet, operate such aircraft… and undergird the organization with the required funding and marketing.  Within these parameters, the practical day-to-day overseeing of projects and initiatives are undertaken to reach the GFH vision.

Adam's hand's-on experience and approach allows him to oversee and work with the GFH team to reach the goals in the strategic plan laid out by the Board.  He has played a key role in the establishment of the Asia Head Office in Macau and in opening and building relationships with the China based aviation refurbishment firm.

Interests are in fitness and strength training, holding certification as a trainer with the National Academy of Sport's Medicine. He is a musician (piano) and artist.