The Logistics Resource

Global Flying Hospitals vision focuses on creating the world’s medical aviation fleet. This will be the logistics resource and new paradigm of humanitarian medical care worldwide. As it grows, this fleet will become the resource for humanitarian medical charities, governments of developing countries, the World Health Organization and various medical groups, to expand their effectiveness. Through alliance contracts, they are to be supplied with the equipment and resources to provide life-changing surgical and preventive medical treatment to our ailing world.

Global Flying Hospitals (GFH) is an international humanitarian charity, first incorporated in the USA as a 501(c)3 non-profit. With the establishment of Global Flying Hospitals (Macau) Association, the Board aims to develop Macau as the Asia Region Head Office. Further, it desires to establish Macau as the geographic hub, in aircraft operations and humanitarian products manufacturing.


Asia Region Head Office – Macau

Global Flying Hospitals' fleet will assist developing countries in providing both surgical and preventative medical care to their people in need. GFH's vision is three-fold:

  • Operate from the Asia Region Head Office in Macau SAR China, as the geographical bull's-eye, in overseeing all Asian based fund-raising centers, aircraft acquisitions, refurbishments, operations and administration.
  • Create a Humanitarian Hub to supply part of the $155 billion USD humanitarian products industry, and become a leader in manufacturing of modular emergency shelters, field clinics, sanitation, solar and water purification systems.
  • China and Asia's Children. Improve the health and medical care for all the suffering children in poor or remote areas, in building tomorrow’s leaders, today.