2014 Progress Report

August 2014

The Best Way to Predict the Future, it to Invent it!

When we founded Global Flying Hospitals in 2001, we were naive. We thought everyone would fall in love with the plan to fly high-tech hospitals to those in need, instead of the old model of flying medical professionals into developing countries and working in sub-standard facilities. It simply made good sense. Yet we were wrong, charity is not the first thing people want to spend on!

Of course, there has been other attempts, eg; the old and failed Lockheed jet Flying Hospital. Some are very successful, like the Royal Flying Doctors in Australia (who fly in doctors to remote areas) … or ORBIS, the flying eye hospital, which has over 30 years in operation and highly successful.


Since Then

Since then, the world has become progressively worse. We all know that. And it will continue to do so as populations increase, global warming becomes a major issue, water becomes scarce, disease and many more challenges swamp us.

Today; the need for Global Flying Hospitals is even more crucial. But, we’ve made mistakes. We were too focused on a Boeing 747 and this hindered us. Too much for too long! Because we mistakenly thought BIG was the answer. It’s not! The huge, spiralling costs to refurbish and operate a wide bodied jet for charitable purposes is simply ineffective nowadays. Add fuel, maintenance and operations … it became unworkable!


Reinventing the Future

Finally, in mid 2013, we seen the light and realized the only way forward was via the Hercules “cargo” type aircraft ferrying roll-off, specially crafted mobile hospitals. Hence we made alliances with fabricators of such hospitals and reinvented GFH.

We decided to predict GFH’s future …. by reinventing it!


Fund-Seeking … NOT Fundraising!

Yet, even with drastically cutting the projected costs by undertaking a new model of humanitarian medical care with the Hercules/Mobile Hospitals, rather than the Boeing 747 … GFH has been sorely hampered by insufficient working capital to move forward at the pace we require. We’re telling it like it is!

As of February/March 2014, the Board decided to temporarily suspend operations and instead; undertake “fund-seeking” rather than fundraising. Not by continuously launching activities as raffles, sponsorships, account rounding etc … but by targeting and meeting with a series of prospective Patrons, Supporters and Financiers. As of July/August, we are still doing this, travelling to various countries for face to face meetings … and gaining traction and support.


A Mighty Vision Needs Seriousness

Because GFH needs solid and serious working capital to acquire the aircraft, mobile hospitals, sales, marketing staff … and administration needs as more efficient office premises, equipment etc. We cannot simply function and grow this mighty vision of GFH on small and irregular amounts … but need injections of serious funds from serious people who want to make a serious impact on our world.


GFH Asia – Global Flying Hospitals (Macau) Association

The Board has reaffirmed its desire and vision to build GFH Asia from the Macau Head Office. Officially, GFH is known as Global Flying Hospitals (Macau) Association, and due to the reliefs the Macau SAR Government provides, such as free parking and operations for humanitarian aircraft at the airport. Great savings!

Macau also provides for a geographic “bull’s-eye” to many developing countries … plus with past and hopefully future supports from corporate groups as Sofitel Luxury Hotels and Sands Corporation … we shall continue to grow and build from this Macau SAR center.



Our Board has ceased operations in the USA, and Global Flying Hospitals USA is no longer marketing or operating. Logistically, it was not feasible. Instead; all our focus is now from the Macau H/O, in order to reach developing countries easier and provide free medical care to people in need

Please contact us at info@GFH-Asia.org if you desire to work or partner with GFH.